Donna Young
Alignment Chair

District Club Alignment for the 2023-2024 Year

Responsibility of the District Alignment Committee

The task of aligning the clubs, area, and divisions within the district is the responsibility of the District Alignment Committee.  The District Alignment Committee is a group of District members appointed by the District Director and led by the alignment chair.  The alignment chair ensures the committee prepares an alignment proposal and submits it to the District Executive Committee prior to the District Council meeting.



  • December – Alignment Committee formed
  • January –  Feedback from each Area Director solicited
  • March – Updates from senior leadership
  • April – Presented to District Executive Committee (DEC)
  • May – Presented to District Council

Protocol 7.0 Alignment Criteria



Donna Young, Chairman
Maribeth Desuyo
Diana Patton
Jodie Sanders
David Winkowski


2022-2023 Current Alignment

2023-2024 Proposed Alignment


Send your feedback on the proposed alignment: