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My First Time, But Not My Last

by Rhonda McCarty MS2 There is only one opportunity for a first impression. District 25 Awards Banquet “Celebrating the Inspirations” exceeded my expectations as a first-time attendee. From the very beginning, although simple, the elegant decorations reflected the theme, created a certain ambiance of relaxation and warmth; and emitted a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere in…

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Top Five – Will YOU be here next year? It is possible!

by Ninfa Flewitt DTM District Director 2021-2022 Who were the Top Five Winners of the Annual Awards Banquet? This was one of my favorite parts of the Awards Banquet, giving the awards! There were many deserving people this year, but only one can be chosen for each. Will you be on the list next year?…

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by Joyce Trimble DTM Co-Chair 2021-22 Awards Banquet The year of Inspired by You has concluded. It is now Celebration Time! So Come On! and celebrate all the inspiring experiences with your party of friends and fellow Toastmasters. Preparations are on the landing target for the AUGUST 27 Annual Awards Banquet. The anticipated event provides…

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My First Awards Banquet

By Diana Wigginton, TC2, Area 75 Director I didn’t want to do it. I had A LOT on my plate. The last thing I needed was another commitment. Attend the D25 Awards Banquet? And write an op-ed piece as a first-time attendee? One particular persuasive banquet co-chair who shall remain unnamed flattered and cajoled, and…

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Celebrating At the Finish Line

by Donna Young, DTM, Recognition Chair 2020-2021, Awards Banquet Co-Chair How’d you run your marathon? Exploring the limits of online shopping or deep diving into rigorous house cleaning? Did you try your hand at glamping or take a stay-cation? Discover how to cook? Shop your closet? Grow your hair longer than ever before or learn…

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