It’s time to morph and shapeshift into our favorite superpowers for our
District 25 Costume Contest!

Dress up as your favorite superpower, either in-person or virtually,for a chance
to be crowned The Superpower in one of four categories:
– Best Dressed
– Most Resourceful
– Most Creative
– Judges Choice

Our judges will be the Time Travelers (also known as the District 25 Trio)
and International Director TK O’Geary

Next up: We want to know more about your Superpowers in the

District 25 Pass the Story Game

An interactive group story-telling game in table topic fashion which one person starts a story
and then passes to the next person on the team to spin a unique story with twists
and turns to create a magnificent ending.

Don’t have a team? No worries, we will make sure you are part of a team, whether you
participate in-person or virtually.

Just bring your sense of humor and be ready to be entertained. I am sure there will be a
laugh or two throughout the Superpower stories. Where will your Superpower story take you?